Types of Tea



Black Tea: black tea is produced by rolling withered tea leaves and allowing them to oxideze and dry.  This is how the tea develops natural color, flavor, and body in the leaf.  The most common tea in North America, black tea has number of health benefits.  It contains about half of the caffeine of coffee and twice the amount of caffeine as green tea. 

Oolong Tea: Oolong tea originated in Taiwan and Southeast China.  Tea leaves are oxidized in direct sunlight.  Once the leaves emit a fragrance that smells a bit like apples, orchids, and peaches, they are ready to be used to make tea. Oolong tea has a caffeine level that ranges between that of black tea and green tea. This tea also has many health benefits.

Green Tea: A popular tea in both China and Japan, green tea is now a widely consumed tea in North America. The leaves are harvested then heated or steamed.  This allows the natural flavors to be preserved. Green tea contains antioxidants and has many health benefits.