Bramble Bunnies - 1159



Inspiration for this Bramble Bunny plaque was shape. i wanted and extreme horizontal shape that would be the perfect accent for a specific architectural area. Now, a scene to compliment the shape was needed. So the long hedgerows in England became the inspiration. These hedgerows are the perfect home and hiding place for generation upon generation of English bunnies. What scene could possibly fit better than these soft cuddly rabbits grazing deep within the safety of the scratchy bramble hedgerows? So take a look in your own backyard, there may be a bunny or two nibbling peacefully under the safety of your shrubs and bushes. Should you discover an area around the house that could use a delightful horizontal sculpture, think Bramble Bunnies.

Image is Designer White, other colors available are Natural, Aged, Green and Terra Cotta.

Make in U.S.A.
Individually Gift Boxes

Weight 2 lbs 
Dimensions 3.5 x 11.5 x 1.25
Composition Hand Cast Stone

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