Decaf Green Tea - 4 oz Tin

Sweet Pea Tea


The large, dark, greenish-brown leaf brews to a light amber cup, with a slightly sweet taste. This decaf China green tea has more body than traditional green teas.

Brew tea at 180º - steep for 2 minutes.

This tea is decaffeinated using the all-natural CO2 process.

Natural CO2 Decaffeination To decaffeinate tea it is necessary to find a solvent that will remove the caffeine from the leaf, while keeping as many of the healthy benefits and the taste profiles in. The best method we have found is natural CO2 decaffeination. This method consists of putting moistened tea leaves in a chamber, adding CO2 and pressurizing it. CO2, when pressurized, becomes a liquid which effectively removes caffeine from tea leaves, while just as effectively not removing many of the healthy benefits. When the liquid is poured off the leaves and the leaves are dried, the CO2 reverts back to its gas form and dissipates from the leaf. Decaffeinated teas generally still have 1-2% caffeine.

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