Honey soap - 4 oz

Silver Lake


This is one 4 oz. (average wt.) bar of all natural, handmade honey and glycerin soap with a beautiful natural honey color and light honey fragrance. The light natural fragrance of this honey soap reminds me of every beautiful flower and rain and sunshine and wind all rolled into one.

As someone with super-sensitive and often reactive skin, I appreciate all the benefits of honey for my skin. Science tell us that honey has natural humectant properties, which means it attracts moisture from the air to your skin. Honey is full of natural antioxidants. Honey also has bacteria-killing properties. It also has been used for centuries (and still today!) for skin healing and as an anti-inflammatory. This soap has not been tested by the FDA and I make no claims as to their medicinal value.

Remember, this is a handmade soap. Some bars are lighter, some are darker. Occasionally you will find specs of bee propolis embedded in the soap - consider that a free super-healthy bonus! I promise that every bar will be of the same high quality you expect from a handmade soap.

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