The Owyhee Package - 13 Ft. Rod

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Make fishing fun and easy for the entire family. This system is such a simple one and you can use lures, flies, poppers or bait!

This is the heaviest and longest rod from Tenkara Rod Co.—and the one that’s perfect when you’re in search of bigger fish. It’s great for reaching that seemingly unreachable fishing hole.
• Materials: Carbon fiber shaft, cork handle, 2 mm nickel alloy tippet ring
• Includes: Rod, line, 3 hand tied flies, line holder, and tippet
• 6:4 flex—a long and thick rod
• Great for bigger fish
• Ultra-lightweight fly flying rod with very precise action
• Lines are handcrafted with single strand, non-tapered construction
• Spool designed for these rods and is just big enough to make winding your line simple and quick. The notches make it easy to attach flies and the foam core helps dry your line
• Made in China
• Dimensions: Closed: 21.5" x 1.5"; Rod Length: 13 ft.; Grip: 11"
• Weight: 0.28 lb.
Only $1.00 to ship to continental USA!
Fly fishing can be an intimidating sport; it’s expensive and takes some practice. Enter Tenkara Rod Co.—a simple fly fishing alternative.

Based on a traditional Japanese method, this is about bringing only the basics—the rod, the line, and the fly. Tenkara Rod Co. kits include all three. Extend the telescoping fishing rod, connect the handcrafted line, and put the fly out. It’s uncomplicated, and the reel-less design is quiet, elegant, and suited to enjoying nature.

These rods are made with high-quality cork and other lightweight materials. They're similar to traditional fly fishing rods, but much lighter, more portable, and easier to learn. The rods shrink down to less than two feet and weigh almost nothing—the heaviest model is 3.4 ounces (lighter than an iPhone). They’re so easy to bring along hiking or backpacking and are affordable at just a fraction of the cost of a typical $800 or more fly rod.

Wondering how to bring in a fish without a reel? Easy. You angle the rod back and grab the line or a net and pull the fish in.[!brand:Tenkara Rod Co!][!upc:784672154765!]

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